Volunteer of the Year 2018

Last week, the San Diego Green Building Council hosted their annual Winter Social and awarded our Green Programs Manager, Katie Teare, the Dorothée Leinhart Volunteer of the Year Award!

Dorothée was an SDGBC volunteer who made a great impact on sustainability in the San Diego community, especially in regards to zero waste efforts. Sadly, she passed away in August of 2018. This award carries on her spirit of environmental activism and is awarded for “embodying what it means to go above and beyond to be a sustainability advocate for our community”. It was an honor to receive!

Katie volunteered with the SDGBC primarily through her efforts on the Residential Committee, which puts on the annual Green Homes Tour. She will continue in her role as Chairperson throughout 2019 and looks forward to advancing residential sustainability through education and advocacy. If you haven’t attended the Tour yet, this is the year to do so! Visit www.SDGreenHomesTour.org for Tour updates or the SDGBC website if you are interested in volunteering with the Committee!

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