Projects Update 12/17/15 – A lot is happening!

JASKA-NOLAN RESIDENCE: Tomorrow is move-in day for our clients, hooray! The interior is mostly complete, just waiting for a few decorative light fixtures to arrive. We still have exterior hardscape/landscape work to complete, but we are on the home stretch on this project.

CASA AGUILA: We passed final inspection last week and received our Certificate of Occupancy. Most systems have been commissioned, and now we need to work out the kinks on some of the more complex systems. A huge accomplishment is that yesterday we launched “Off Grid Mode” as an experiment for a few weeks. The home is running only on the power generated by both the wind turbine and solar PV. The batteries carry the home through the non-producing hours. Our clients have begun moving in their furnishings and decorating the home. We still have a few more small tasks to complete on the interior, but inside the home is substantially completed. On the exterior, we filled the pool up with water last week, and we continue the major landscaping effort. Next week we will be doing final commissioning of our water systems, and we shall be up and running with those (bring on the rain!) We are fulfilling our promise to have our clients in by Christmas, which we are all pleased about.

GREISMAN RESIDENCE: We unfortunately recently lost our dear client, Dr. Greisman, to cancer. His brother has stepped in to help us complete the project, and the transition has gone smoothly. We are very close to finishing this project and anticipate getting our Certificate of Occupancy by around January 1st. The landscaping efforts will continue into January. Next week will be the final commissioning of the 10,000 gallons of rainwater storage and irrigation system…. those tanks will be filled fairly soon with the upcoming rains.

AVOCADO ACRES: Project Complete! The home is ready to go to market, and what a home it is. Our client, Steve Hoiles of Surfside Projects, has done a great job getting the home looking good with his efforts at staging. See the images after completion on the Project Page.

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