Avocado Acres

Completed: December 2015
Size: 3244 sf
City: Leucadia, CA
Certifications: GreenPoint Rated Silver
Architect: Lloyd Russell

Avocado Acres is a project being built in collaboration with Surfside Projects LLC in Leucadia, just east of the railroad tracks. Inside, simple yet thoughtful material choices will be themed with a unique floor plan consisting of three pavilions joined in a U shape that all orientate towards the private courtyard. The main common area is essentially one large space with living, dining, and kitchen. Lot size is a level 10,500 sf , Living space 2844 + 423 Garage = 3244 total sf ( 3 beds, 2.5 baths ).

Avocado Acres achieved GreenPoint Rated Silver Certification through Build It Green, which signifies environmentally-conscious construction practices and products.